Month: May 2019

6 Most Recommended Cargo Vans by Professionals

Today, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road, as it has grown from its humble roots as a workman’s and passenger’s van to a pillar of executive transportation and recreational vehicles. High-end Sprinter conversions are like private planes with wheels, with comfortable leather chairs for captains, large-screen LCD screens, multimedia ports, and lighting to suit any environment. Here are 6 impressive conversions of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van:

1. Sprinter Extreme Concept

RENNtech takes out all stops with the Sprinter Extreme concept. This could be the most exaggerated customized Sprinter conversion ever designed for. The prolific Mercedes-Benz specialist lifted the chassis from the Sprinter 3500’s cab and added a Scattolini ScattoMaax “tilting bed” to turn the Sprinter into a radical garbage truck. A custom luggage rack was built to mount half a dozen lights, with additional lighting on the sides and a custom front brush guard. The bright green “G-Class inspired” tires of the Sprinter Extreme use off-road tires, while the custom rear fenders contain the mud. A radical wrap, chromed side stacks, and a front winch complete the look.

2. Winnebago Era

Winnebago Era is a luxurious Motorhome based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B that allows you not only to take your show to the road but also off the road. The 4×4 model is the first RV sprinter with Winnebago trail capability, with an additional two inches of ground clearance. The magnificent contemporary interior of the Era is offered with 4 design combinations and includes adjustable LED lighting and dark shades to set the mood. All Era models include a bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a flexible bed system that converts two twin beds into a single bed.

3. Airstream Autobahn

If your team needs to relax or do a crucial job on the road, the luxurious executive coach of Airstream Autobahn for 8 passengers has it covered. The interior is completely equipped with marine grade floors and superior storage cabinets, along with integrated refrigerators and stacks of cup holders. The heated rear captain’s chairs feature ultra-thin fabric upholstery with double edging, in addition to electric recliner and footrest. They even include a rotating function and retractable tables! The Airstream Smart Control application allows you to take charge of the large LED screen, the electric blinds, the interior lighting, and the HVAC through your handheld device.

4. Airstream Interstate

The Airstream Interstate is a luxury compact Motorhome built on the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Extended platform and offered in two versions: Lounge EXT and Grand Tour EXT. The Grand Tour offers to seat for a maximum of seven people, with a pair of swivel chairs for the captain in the front and a sitting area in the back of the cabin that bends toward the bed. The Lounge is a coach that offers seats for a maximum of nine passengers. There are 4 swivel captain’s chairs in the front, with a detachable table and a sitting area in the back. Both include a kitchen with a hob, microwave, and sink, in addition to a bathroom with a shower. Check here.

5. SNV Aerial Lift by ETI

Do you need to place a bucket truck in a narrow place? Simply screw an SNV aerial lift to a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van and you are ready to start. The SNV Sprinter ETT 29N-V aerial lift units can be mounted on a Van Sprinter chassis with a minimum GVWR of 11.030 lb. Bridge frame architecture allows maximum storage capacity as well as interior accessibility. Sprinter conversions equipped with SNV are suitable for a wide variety of maintenance tasks of buildings, gardens, public services and parking.

6. Traumahawk Ambulance by AEV

The AEV Traumahawk Ambulance takes a compact approach, with the 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged high-ceiling Sprinter 2500 as the base. The Traumahawk cab is designed for the rigors of the job, with HVAC channeled into the roof, Reflectix insulation, a second A/C compressor, rugged rubber floor covering and a bright white one-piece interior roof. The work area features five LED ceiling lights, two 125 VAC outputs, and two 12-volt outputs, together with a full set of cabinets and housing for oxygen supply. The exterior is equipped with wide perimeter lighting, in addition to the emergency light bars required.

If you have the budget for it, it is likely that Mercedes will offer the best overall quality for heavy duty and light truck requirements. If you do not want to invest so much in the initial purchase or ongoing maintenance, there are many other viable options.

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