Month: February 2018

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Refrigerated Van

A Refrigerated van is so much more accessible to deliver flowers baked goods or any other items that need to be chilled while in transit. You may also be legally required to transport particular foods in a refrigerated vehicle at all times. Therefore, they are useful. They’re vast number of different types of chilled vans you can get. However, finding one with a retrofit and the correct installation materials and refrigerator put what you will be a little tricky. So, before you go and decide on any old visit vehicle for your business, you should take note and get one that suits your businesses needs.


You can retrofit a regular van with insulating materials which can then turn any old van into a refrigerated van. You will need specific materials to create insulation, so you need to make sure you have enough interior space. It’s essential to buy a thick liner and get it attached to the van’s insides. This liner will help reduce the interior space, so make sure that the van is big enough, or else you won’t have enough room for shelves or freezers. This can impact your ability to transport more significant items such as arrangements, wedding cakes, etc. So, take measurements of the interior of the van and calculate how much space the insulation will take before you decide actually to start building on the van.

Temperature Monitoring

When you’re transporting goods from one place to another, you’re going to need to keep them a specific temperature, as the law requires this. So, don’t always believe that just because you have fan and coolers installed into the van that they will be maintaining the right temperature throughout the transportation period. The excessive heat from outside the van or even the colder temperature can cause the inside of the van to change In temperature and get either too hot or too cold. Always install temperature monitoring, as then you will reduce the chances of having your possessions get spoiled or ruined.

Van Size

While you want to ensure that you’ll have a big enough fan to keep your cargo in, you still need to make sure that you don’t choose a van that is too big. A smaller van will be more accessible to fit into parking, and structures with shorter overheads. So, when buying a refrigerated van for sale choose wisely. You will also get better mileage, especially if you’re transporting food every day. A small van also means you’ll be paying for a smaller amount of power and there’s more of a chance you will keep all items chilled. Only choose a van based on the of the size of your companies needs, and if you’re a more prominent company then decide to make more than one van instead of making just one large van.


As you can see, a refrigerated van for sale can come in handy for many businesses. They can help you transport your cargo from one place to another without the chances of it spoiling or getting damaged. You will always need to make sure that you’re up to standard when transporting food or other items that require specific temperatures. Hopefully, this helped.

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