Month: April 2017

6 cool facts about the Mercedes Benz Metris Passenger Van


In the market for a passenger van for sale? The Mercedes Benz Metrisand Mercedes Benz Sprinter may be the answer.

Manufactured by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes covers a wide range of vehicles from sports, luxury, to commercial vehicles.

The Mercedes Benz Metrisand Mercedes Benz Sprinter are designed to cater to businesses, be it for cargo, or as commercial Passenger Vans.

These Passenger Vans are used worldwide for a variety of different and unique purposes, ranging from ambulances, Polices Vehicles, Cargoes, Transport, as well as door to door delivery services.

Enlisted are the few cool facts about the Mercedes Benz Passenger Van for sale:

  • Assist Features

Load adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP): Adjusting Stability according to the center of gravity.

Crosswind Assist: Stabilizing amidst crosswinds when driving over 50 mph.

High beam Assist: Automatically adjusting high beam based on the traffic ahead.

Lane keeping Assist: Keeping the cars lane in check via multifunction camera on the windshield

Blind Spot Assist: using radar senses, to keep you and your car safe in tough corners.

Collision Prevention Assist: Preventing rear end collisionsusing sensors technology.

Parktronic: Maneuvering the perfect parking.

Backup Camera: Giving the car eyes in the rear

  • Customization Packages

Just like Mercedes Sprinter for sale, Mercedes-Benz Metris can be color customized according to your eclectic taste.

Ranging from standard non-metallic colors to premium Non-metallic as well as Metallic Exterior colors, the Mercedes Benz Sprinterand Metris can be upholstered into Tunja Black as well as Black Leatherette as interior finish.

This passenger van can be made unique with the wide array of packages as per consumer needs:

  • Driver efficiency package
  • The cold weather package
  • High idle fixed package
  • Parktronic package
  • Spare tire deletion package
  • High idle variable package
  • Lighting package
  • Active safety plus package
  • Premium appearance package
  • Multi-function display/wheel package
  • Additional battery package
  • Low and high range 4×4 package
  • High performance air conditioning package
  • Rear passenger comfort package
  • Driver comfort package
  • Trailer hitch package.
  • Driver comfort:

The luxury driver with seat angle adjustment and lumbar support feature enables the van to go long distances without taking a toll on its driver. It identifies the fatigue level of the driver based on steering inputs, and indicates a flashing sign.To cope up with the cold, the driving seat can also be equipped with a heating feature.

  • Parking Ease:

Parking a van has never been this easy with the technology used in the latest Mercedes Sprinter for sale. The parktronic package coupled with the rear backup camera and blind spot assist enables the driver to easily maneuver the passenger van into tough corners without breaking a sweat.

  • Flexible Cup holders:

Understanding the customers need, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Metris are equipped with adjustable, detachable cupholders for its passengers, which can accommodate upto 6 types and sizes of cups in the holder.

  • Electric Sliding Doors:

The Ease of Automatic sliding doors adds up to the comfort of the driver as well as the passenger making it a truly Mercedes-Benz experience.

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