Month: November 2016

Do I need a refrigerated van for my business?

Before you start googling for reefer vans for sale, it’s probably a good idea to take a step back and consider whether or not your business actually needs the extra expense. Some businesses, particularly those dealing with food, are mandated by law to maintain a cold chain, whereas for others it can be a matter of convenience, or a non-necessity. Below, we look at some of the scenarios to consider.

When do I need a refrigerated van?

Companies large and small may consider a refrigerated ban. Everything from mobile wedding caterer’s right through to local butchers could possibly benefit from mobile refrigeration. Basically, if you deal in perishable foods, you are going to be required to use a refrigerated van to maintain basic health and safety standards for the product you are selling. It always pays to look into the legislation surrounding your particular industry carefully when making these sort of business decisions.

What food you are vending will make a big difference in the specifications of the refrigerated van you pick, and how often the compressor has to be run. Chilled food is ideally sold around the 2˚C-5˚C mark, while frozen food requires considerably lower temperatures- usually around –18˚C. These temperatures will require very careful monitoring to ensure the cold chain is not broken. With frozen food, a simple trick is to lay a penny on a frozen glass of water you keep alongside the food. If at any point the penny drops to the bottom of the glass, you will know that full defrosting has occurred and the food is pretty much guaranteed to have spoiled. As this will lead to considerable wastage of your hard-earned money, it’s important to ensure that this does not happen to you.

What about industries where I might need a refrigerated van?

Of course, while the legislation is clear that most food businesses must have a refrigerated van, they’re far from the only trade where a reefer van might benefit them. Many florists make use of good prices on second-hand reefer vans for sale to get a truck that will lengthen the lifespan and improve the freshness of the products they sell. For these industries, it is not a necessity, but the refrigerated ban can sure make a big difference in how easily and effectively you can carry out your business.

Luckily, you can find a refrigerated van for sale for almost any purpose you can imagine, from tiny run-abouts to large fleets of pantechnicons and anything in-between. They are a pricey up-front cost, which is why going second-hand can often offer the best way for a smaller business to break into the market. If you’re dealing in food, however, they are a necessary one, and many other industries will also benefit from using one. Increased mobility, options and profit will soon pay back the original cost of investment. Likewise, branding your vehicle can help boost your visible advertising presence and get your name known to your market.

Most companies with reefer vans for sale will be able to help you pick the exact van for your needs and budget.

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